Ranithumka School Computer Lab

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Installing a computer lab at the Shree Ranithumka School in the Syangja District.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Ranithumka Lower Secondary School Putalibazar - 11, Syangja District
  • Population : Students: 175 | Grades: 1 to 8 + pre-primary 13 teachers
  • Project : New full school computer lab
  • Date : May 2019
  • Category : Computer Centres,

In April 2019, we were able to secure 15 Lenovo laptop computers for distribution to schools in Syangja. Initially, we were planning on installing five in a small school at the basic level (classes from grade one to grade five), and ten at a lower secondary school (classes up to grade eight). The schools were the Shree Shishu Ranjan School and the Shree Ranithumka School.

Because computer science is a compulsory subject in Grades 6, 7 and 8, there is a greater need for computers at lower or higher secondary schools. However, we have also provided computers to basic schools because they engage students with early childhood educational software and videos during class. They have also been a valuable resource for teachers to develop their computer skills and source online educational materials to enhance the learning experience of their students.

Prior to the distribution of the laptops, we had a discussion with the two schools and our in-country Director regarding an appeal for computers made by the Shree Khor Thape School. We decided to help by providing them one laptop with a commitment to providing them with more computers in our next distribution round.

These three schools were chosen because the majority of families in the area were from the traditionally marginalised Baise and Sudra Caste. Also, the schools had no capacity to purchase computers or software and, as is the case for many rural government schools, they relied on donations to obtain teaching materials and equipment other that the basics such as blackboards, textbooks, pencils and paper.

At the Shree Ranithumka School, we installed ten Lenovo laptops with external mice, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Software. The school had three desktop computers but none of them were functioning.

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