Astam Computer Centre officially opened

Astam Computer Centre officially opened

President of the Logged On Foundation, Mark Pinoli, was pleased to report that the Computer Centre in Astam was officially declared open on the 10 November 2011.

The Centre was opened by Arjun Thapa, Development Officer and President of the District Development Committee.

The Astam Computer Centre was Logged On’s first project which began in September 2011. Within three months of commencement, a new building had been built at the the Shree Bhumeshwor Lower Secondary School with eleven computers connected to the internet.

The vision: to help improve the state of education in the area and to connect the community to a world of ideas, services and opportunities.

“We have already talked to the leaders of nearby communities about our next project, possible two of them, for 2012. The project in Astam is just the start” Mark says.

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