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Earth-Q: Nepal after the 2015 earthquake

Earth-Q is an award-winning, heart-wrenching documentary commission by Logged On about the journey taken to help communities seriously effected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake and the struggles they now face to provide a quality education for their children. The earthquakes left around 9,000 people dead and three million homeless. About 30,000 classrooms were either destroyed […]

Our New Child Sponsorship Program

We are happy to announce the introduction of our newest initiative, the Child Sponsorship Program. The program was initiated as a result of a request made to us during the delivery of our 2015 Nepal Earthquake Assistance Program. We were introduced to an orphanage in the Gorkha District that was seriously damaged and were making […]

Scholarships for 2015

Our Scholarship Program, now in its fourth year, is another way that we are helping to lower the barriers that some children face in accessing a quality education. More awards were made available this year than any other thanks to our sponsors and because of the decision made by participating schools to allow more children […]

Pre-service teacher placement from Flinders University

A warm welcome to the Flinders University pre-teachers who are volunteering their time to help teach at schools in rural Nepal. The students are on a four week program in one of the communities we are working. This is the first group of students from Flinders and we are excited about working with another University […]

Early Career Leadership Program

Congratulations to Monica Lamperd on being the first participant in our Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP). The Early Career Leadership Program is a leadership development and skills strengthening opportunity for passionate, creative and determined young people that have recently completed or are in their final year of study in the areas of education, development studies, engineering […]

2015 Earthquake Aid Program a success

On the 25 April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal seriously affecting around a third of the national population. Nearly 9,000 people were killed, 22,000 injured, and entire villages flattened across many districts leaving around 1.5 million people homeless. The epicentre of the earthquake was in the Gorkha District with hundreds of tremors occurring [...]

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE – we need your help!

We are saddened to hear about the recent earthquake that has taken so many lives and left parts of Nepal devastated. We are seeking urgent donations that will help with disaster relief efforts in rural Nepal.     OUR RESPONSE     We are also running fundraising events in a number of capital cities:   […]

75 Scholarships for 2014

We believe in the power of education and feel privileged to be able to help children and youths in rural Nepal access a quality education. Technology enabled education programs can help improve teaching and learning outcomes and is therefore a big part of what we do. But we understand that multiple approaches are needed to […]

The three secrets for making a difference in the world

The three secrets for making a difference in the world: Helping with education in less privileged areas of the world. A Slideshare presentation made to potential sponsors in 2014 – we hope you enjoy.        

New Computer Centre in Dhital

“Years of research and hard work is starting to bear fruit”, says Logged On’s CEO after the opening of another Computer Centre in rural Nepal. “We have spent a long time working out what works the best, building a mechanism for support, and planting the seeds of opportunity for children.” The Computer Centre was opened at the Shree […]

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