Our New Child Sponsorship Program

Our New Child Sponsorship Program

We are happy to announce the introduction of our newest initiative, the Child Sponsorship Program.

The program was initiated as a result of a request made to us during the delivery of our 2015 Nepal Earthquake Assistance Program. We were introduced to an orphanage in the Gorkha District that was seriously damaged and were making preparations to accommodated children who lost one or more of their parents or guardians as a result of the disaster.

Our Gorkha Earthquake Assistance Program Coordinator, Sital Maskey, is a well-respected business man in the Gorkha District. It was through Sital’s efforts and extensive networks that we were able to achieve a quick and successful completion of our Program in Gorkha, the epicentre of the disaster. We initially planned to help three schools in this district, but Sital refused a wage which we offered him and requested that it be donated to an orphanage. So we helped with a once-off donation thanks to his generosity.

At that time, the orphanage was seriously damaged, having lost an entire floor that housed the orphans and so children were forced to sleep in tents provided by UNICEF.

In September 2015, our CEO paid a return visit to follow-up on progress made with the rebuilding program and to understand the conditions faced by the orphans. As a result of the increase in orphaned children and the lack of accommodation, the children were being forced to live in poor conditions. After some discussion, a plan for sponsoring the children was suggested and the first Child Sponsorship was provided personally by the CEO. There was also a commitment for Logged On to find additional sponsors for the children with the possibility of having all the orphans covered under the program.

The aim of the program is to work with the children and the orphanage to create lasting and meaningful changes by supporting the children through years of schooling and helping to create a healthy and happy community. Some of the funds will be used to help improve infrastructure.
Visit our Child Sponsorship page for more details.

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