Child sponsorship report – Nov 2016

Child sponsorship report – Nov 2016

We are happy to bring the latest report on the Bal Mandir orphanage to all sponsors on the Child Sponsorship Program. We would like to sincerely thank you for your support!

We recently completed our first annual survey of all the children and proud to report on the progress of all of the children.


A year in review

There has been quite a lot of great things happening at the Bal Mandir Orphanage and at Logged On over the last year that we would like to tell you about.

We have a Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator, Margie Lamperd, who will be managing our program so please feel free to contact Margie if you need any information.


Big jump in the number of kids supported
One year ago, we started with the sponsorship of one child. We are now sponsoring 14 kids.

The orphanage has grown
There were 11 children at Bal Mandir when we arrived after the earthquake last year. They are now able to support 19 children with the help of our program.


New accommodation
Last year, the earthquake destroyed many of the rooms that were used to house the children. We are happy to report that they received government funding and recently completed a new four room building to house the children.

Kids are doing great!
Last year, there was a general feeling of disquiet with many new children having lost a parent in the earthquake. This year, our CEO reports that “just about all the kids were extremely happy and most of them had an increase in their end of year school results.”


Strengthening our program

We have spent one year helping out and we want to make the Child Sponsorship Program even better!

There are a couple of routines we would like to put in place so sponsors are more connected with their child.


Annual progress report
The school year ends around March and so we will endeavor to get an update on your child and the orphanage to you around May every year.

Keep in contact
Twice a year, you will be invited to write a letter to your child – in December and again in June. We will send your letter on and invite a response back from your child.

Payment plan
We have introduced a monthly installment option as the preferred method of payment. We will contact you about your payment in the coming weeks. SIGN-UP NOW to the $35 monthly payment plan.



Children needing sponsorship

We have six children who do not have sponsors. Please spread the word and help us reach our goal of ensuring that every child at the orphanage is sponsored.


Please note: the progress report on the child that sponsors are supporting have been removed from this online version.

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