Digital literacy to the masses

Samjhana Bhandari

Digital literacy to the masses

Celebrating International Women’s Day.

We first met Samjhana Bhandari at the Astam Computer Centre in April last year where she delivered a 2 week digital literacy course. Over 90 people from 4 different VDCs attended the course delivered by Samjhana, who works for the Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal and is the Coordinator at Forum for Information Technology (FIT) Nepal.

Samjhana provides training to more than 2000 women, teachers and students a year. “My wish is to work with women, children and the old age community” says Samjhana. She also provides training to government school communities and members of community groups. She is also involved in public education on community radio programs.

The participants in the Astam training program were overwhelmed by Samjhana ability to teach everyday people in villages, irrespective of their level of education, how to use computers and connect to the world through the internet. We are all appreciative of her wonderful ability to teach and her passion to help people from disadvantaged groups.

Thanks to Allen Tuladhar from the Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal for bringing Samjhana to our Computer Centre.

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