Earth-Q: Nepal after the 2015 earthquake

Earth-Q: Nepal after the 2015 earthquake

Earth-Q is an award-winning, heart-wrenching documentary commission by Logged On about the journey taken to help communities seriously effected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake and the struggles they now face to provide a quality education for their children.

The earthquakes left around 9,000 people dead and three million homeless. About 30,000 classrooms were either destroyed or damaged, putting the aspirations of a generation of children at serious risk.

Within a month of the earthquake, the CEO of Logged On and film Director Mark Pinoli, went to Nepal to help seven schools affected by the disaster. He made two additional return journeys to Nepal in 2015 to oversee the assistance programs and during that time documented the impact on communities.

The film portrays a country that was faced with not only the challenge of rebuilding, but the political strife that followed the introduction of Nepal’s first Constitution which plunged the country into deeper economic turmoil, delaying efforts to rebuild.

Earth-Q is a journey through the beauty of the Himalayan region of Nepal, a celebration of the welcoming nature and selflessness of its people, and a witness to the heart-wrenching appeals of teachers and parents for help to get their children out of tents and tin shelters into proper classrooms.
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earthquake report

Appeal Report

Download a PDF copy of the  2015 Nepal Earthquake Appeal Report (3MB)


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