Reporting on nine years in Nepal

Reporting on nine years in Nepal

Since 2011, Logged On has been working in Nepal with local people, businesses and community groups who share a vision for creating educational opportunities for children. We have built lasting friendships and trusting relationships that have been founded on an ethos of partnership in community development.

We have, in many ways, achieved our purpose of helping underfunded communities in Nepal by working with 27 schools, two women’s groups, two orphanages across eight Districts of Nepal.

After nine years of operation, our Founder and CEO, having consulted with Directors and Company members, made the recommendation for voluntary wind up.

“We are winding up in a strong position without debts or liabilities and with a proud history of achievements. All projects in Nepal have been completed successfully and we are working with Rotary to continue the support of an orphanage in the Gorkha District” says our CEO, Mark Pinoli. “We helped over 7,000 individuals in 31 communities in eight Districts which a solid outcome for a small organisation.”

We thank all of our supporters and volunteers who have helped us to achieve these remarkable outcomes.

We are proud to present our reflections on nine years of development work in Nepal.



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