Skilled volunteers helping schools

Skilled volunteers helping schools

We had the privilege of having two Australian universities participate in the Pathways Program in November and December this year, our volunteer program for introducing skilled people to our project sites. Pre-service teachers from La Trobe and RMIT Universities worked with orphans, pre-primary, primary and lower secondary students from the Upper Mustang, Kaski and Gorkha Districts of Nepal.

The agreements we have signed with La Trobe and RMIT Universities has allowed us to create opportunities for professional experience in Nepal for their final year students. So far, we have provided opportunities for students and lecturers from four universities as well as a number of independent volunteers.

The Pathways Program, now in its sixth year, helps address some of the needs of local communities in Nepal while developing the professional capacities of Program participants. Over the years, we have developed a collaborative Program by working closely with leaders and professionals in Nepal to create a positive environment for volunteers, and with Universities and their students to deliver transformative educational programs for children and the community.

“That’s what sets us apart from other placement agencies and we are working very hard with our all of our partners to help ensure a positive impact for all stakeholders” says Logged On’s CEO.

Pathways Program participants in the past have been able to develop a broader range of teaching and learning approaches and an appreciation of different perspectives and local realities on education. We are keen to work with our partner universities on an ongoing basis to strengthen our contribution to student’s experience of Nepal and their professional development.

The schools, teachers, and parents express their most sincere thanks to the Australian teachers for helping to create a brighter future for their children. Sincere thanks from the Logged On team goes to the Australian teachers and especially to the schools, local teachers and school management committees for their guidance and support.

We look forward to having a bigger international group next year with more Nepali schools wanting to take part in the Program. If you are interested in volunteering, don’t hesitate to contact us either as an independent volunteer or through one of our partner universities.

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