The story of a remarkable young man named Radi Khan

The story of a remarkable young man named Radi Khan

Radi Khan is a highly innovative young man who was born in a rural Himalayan village in Nepal near the city of Pokhara. Since childhood, Radi has had a passion for scientific inventions and he would spend many hours making things rather than studying or playing the games that other children normally played.

Radi is from a poor village background and due to family financial problems he went to study Education so he could enter the teaching profession. However, he never completed his study because he was more interested in creating his inventions.

Since childhood, Radi has invented many machines that have been helpful and popular with households in the village, such as rat traps, electric dining tables, flying wooden butterflies and robots. He is also highly adept in woodcraft and painting, which adds to the appeal of his inventions and enables him to use his skills in making a small amount of money.

One of the reasons that Radi’s inventions are so popular in his village is because they are of high quality and also visually appealing. Radi’s inventions are purely home-made and most of the material he sources is scrap from the local area.

Radi has excelled at making robots, and has even made an ultralight plane out of scrap materials. Named ‘Machhapuchhre’, after one of the most stunning mountains in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas, Radi was inspired to build the ultralight after he saw similar planes soaring overhead that tour the Annapurna mountain region. Run by a motorbike engine, Radi’s ultralight consists of materials such as iron, aluminum, steel, wood and cloth that he was able to collect locally. Unfortunately, the ultralight was damaged on its maiden voyage when it came into land and crashed on a bumpy runway – there were no injuries!

Radi Khan

Radi also has a robot named ‘Nepali Babu’, meaning ‘Nepalese Baby’. The amazing thing about Nepali Babu is that it can walk, run, pick up and throw goods without the use of integrated circuits and programming. It is done exclusively through the use of electro-mechanical controls. He also constructed a model excavator from basic material he found or that supporters gave to him. His inventions are highly popular at local festivals and robotic events.

Radi Khan

Although Radi’s robots and designs are small models, he is confident that he could complete full size robotic projects that would assist with many aspects of daily life in a Nepalese village. The excavator is just one example of a machine that would be useful in local agriculture. Radi has the drive, skill and ambition to do amazing things with robotics, however he is significantly disadvantaged by his economic situation.

It’s not often that you meet a person that you strongly believe will go onto do great things. We are so impressed by the vision and sheer drive Radi has to create mechanical inventions that we are wanting to help this young man realise his dream by investing in one of his projects.

Radi Khan

We are asking for a very small amount through our crowd funding campaign to allow Radi to turn his small scale prototypes into larger scale project. We believe that by supporting Radi, we are investing in a remarkably gifted young man who will go on to create products that not only help the people of his village, but create solutions that will benefit the people of Nepal.

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Thanks to Sudip Aryal for bringing us this wonderful story!

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