First round of scholarships awarded

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Congratulations to our first group of students awarded Logged On Foundation scholarships.

Project details

  • Institution : Shree Bhumeshwor Lower Secondary School
  • Location : Astam, Dhital VDC, Kaski District (GPS: 28.292931, 83.907624)
  • Awards : Seven scholarships awarded
  • Date : May 2012
  • Project : Student scholarships for promising students
  • Category : Scholarships,

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to formally establish a Scholarship Fund. The Fund will open doors for students who cannot otherwise afford school and living expenses to be able to pursue their dream of a quality education without obstacle.

We awarded seven scholarships to students at the Shree Bhumeshwor School, the site where we completed our first project. The scholarships will add another layer of assistance towards child education and community empowerment.

We would like to congratulate our first scholarship recipients for 2012/13:

Anne Van Riel Scholarship: Sapana Nepali.
Student Scholarships: Prashant Pariyar, Sushila Adhikari, Anita Bhujel, Ashoda Adhikari, Ganga Pariyar and Roshila Pariyar.

As part of the program, teachers and community leaders will be nurturing the skills and talents of recipients through academic support, mentoring and life skills training so they can succeed at school and beyond.
Anne Van Riel Scholarship (AVR)

The picture of education for girls in rural Nepal is often one of ongoing economic and cultural limitations, along with back breaking domestic duties, that keep them from obtaining a quality education.

The AVR Scholarship is awarded to a girl that lives in the area the Foundation is working and: is facing some serious obstacles that are effecting her education; has the determination to study hard and values education; and the award will improve her situation so that she can perform at a higher academic level.

We are using the AVR Scholarships to enhance our programs of help to girls in rural Nepal with material and academic support, leadership and life skills training.
“Investing in adolescent girls is precisely the catalyst poor countries need to break intergenerational poverty and to create a better distribution of income. Investing in them is not only fair, it is a smart economic move.” Robert B. Zoellick, President, World Bank (2009)
SAPANA’S STORY: Sapana’s mother, Bilmaya, had her leg amputated as a result of an injury that became infected. There are many household duties Bilmaya is unable to perform because of her disability and Sapana’s father, Tike, is working in the Middle-East earning money to pay family debts. Sapana has been an enormous help to her mother and her family in this difficult situation. However, her school grades are suffering because of the extra domestic duties she needs to perform and she has little time to study.

Sapana was awarded the first AVR scholarship which will provide the material and educational support she needs to succeed in school and beyond.
Student Scholarships

Our student scholarships are open to school students who reside in the areas that we are operating, are economically/socially disadvantaged, and are exceptional achievers or have the potential to achieve even better in their studies with assistance.

The Computer Centre Management Committees, in consultation with the local community, decide on the scholarship recipients. Mentoring and academic support are provided by local teachers and community leaders who understand what is required to ensure that our program is not just a ‘hand out’, but a ‘hand up’ to the future.


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