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A water capture, storage and pump solution for the Bal Mandir School was installed to provide clean drinking water during water scarce times and for personal hygiene.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School, Chhahare, Gorkha Municipality, Gorkha District (GPS: 28.000903, 84.623049).
  • Population : Students: 330, Grade: 1 to 10 + orphanage
  • Project : Water storage and supply system
  • Date : May 2017
  • Category : Health, Infrastructure,

Gorkha was the epicentre of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015. The earthquake seriously damaged the Bal Mandir School, forcing most of the orphans at the school to sleep in tents and the students taking classes in makeshift tin structures and tents on the school grounds.

The disaster also disrupted water supplies to the area and the volume of water available during the dry summer months is also a problem. The issue is not just with providing safe drinking water, but also the availability of water for personal hygiene.

There was an opportunity to install a water capture and storage solution on the school grounds to help alleviate the water shortage problem which included:

– two 5,000 litre lower collection tanks.
– one 1,000 litre upper tank to feed into a water filtration system.
– an electric pump, guttering, pipes, and plumbing with electrical work for the pump.

During the monsoon months, the tanks would fill and be ready for availability in the dry season. A sink and tap were also installed near the bathrooms for the first time to help with personal hygiene.

Thanks to the Xtreme Adventures group who helped with funding and the installation of the water system in Nepal. Read more about our relationship with Xtreme Adventures team on this project.



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