Dhital Computer Centre

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Dhital Computer Centre, our largest computer facility to date, was established as part of our effort bring positive and sustainable education programs to local school children.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Bhoomeshwor Higher Secondary School, Dhital, Dhital VDC, Kaski District (GPS 28.306118, 83.883127).
  • Population : Students: 250 | Teachers: 15 | Grade: 1 - 10 + pre-primary
  • Date : July 2014
  • Project : School and community Computer Centre + training. 16 terminals with Windows OS provided + UPS battery backup power
  • Category : Computers, Training,

“Years of research and hard work is starting to bear fruit”, says Logged On’s CEO after the opening of our third Computer Centre in rural Nepal. “We have spent a long time working out what works the best, building a mechanism for support, and planting the seeds of opportunity for children.”

The Computer Centre was opened at the Shree Bhoomeshwor Secondary School in the village of Dhital as part of our program to create centres for online learning excellence.

In terms of student enrollments, Dhital is the largest school that we have supported and the Centre is our largest project to-date. We also installed the latest Intel computer system and software that will make the Centre the most advanced computer facility in the region.

Logged On Foundation’s Nepal team installed the Computer Centre and have been providing ongoing technical support and digital literacy training to local teachers. The team is building capacity in Dhital that will allow the community to sustain the Centre and to implement an effective strategy for using the facility for the benefit of the students.

We installed a custom built server with Windows Multipoint Server with 15 terminals (thin client connection, LED monitor, keyboard and mouse) that allowed a Microsoft Windows experience for 16 users, including MS Office suite and educational software. We also installed UPS with a 300AH battery power supply that will allow the Centre to run for around 5 hours without power and a WiFi router. We also installed power connectors with circuit protection. The school had internet connected to the school and we were able to help with connecting the WiFi antenna to the Computer Centre.


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