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Our first pre-service teachers placement from Flinders University in South Australia. The teachers were placed in our Astam school location where they spent four weeks teaching English and computer skills.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Bhumeshwor Lower Secondary School, Astam, Dhital VDC, Kaski District (GPS: 28.292931, 83.907624).
  • Project : Pre-service teacher placement on the Pathways Program.
  • Date : Nov - Dec 2015
  • Category : Teaching,

The Pathways Program is an initiative that strives towards being a best practice model for volunteering by responding to the needs of local communities. Together with our local partners and community leaders, we have created opportunities for volunteers from around the world to share their knowledge, time and goodwill by contributing to our development objectives and the needs of the schools and community groups we serve.

In 2015, we placed our first group of pre-service teachers from Flinders University in South Australia. The teachers spent four weeks
in our Astam school location. Given the feedback we received from local teachers, the school management committee and from the Flinders participants, we can happily say that this has been our most successful placement group to-date.

The program is also tailored towards helping participants gain practical experience in their chosen field of study. By being immersed in Nepali culture, living in a village and working in the local school, past participants have experienced life-changing moments as well as professional challenges.

The five pre-service teachers focused on English Communication skills in the classroom and introduced student-centred learning techniques that helped the Bhumeshwor children accelerate through the local English curriculum. The use of the Computer Centre also became part of the teaching regime for the duration of the placement.

2015 was an exemplary year for educational cooperation between Australia and Nepal. Thank you to the Shree Bhumeshwor School and the Flinders University group for being wonderful partners in our program.


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