Computers for the Himalaya School

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We helped to establish a computer lab by providing two computers and backup power supply to the Shree Himalaya School in Dhital.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Himalaya Primary School, Dhital, Dhital VDC, Kaski District (GPS: 28.301799, 83.881804).
  • Population : Students: 85 | Teachers: 7 | Grade: 1 - 5 + pre-primary
  • Date : September 2015
  • Project : Contribution of two Desktop PC + UPS and battery backup power supply to the computer lab.
  • Category : Computers,

In the areas where Logged On is working, there are a number of smaller schools that are seeking our help with providing computers. Most of the schools are primary schools and have less than 100 students. It is difficult to provide computer facilities to these schools given the proximity to our Computer Centres, the number of students at the school, and the general lack of resources available to help sustain a computer lab.

However, we try and help when we can and provide a few computers for educational use. We find that even one computer for the school can be a big help for school administration and, given the age of the children, playing educational videos and animation during class. The additional educational resource that computers can provide have been a great tool for teachers.

We provided two desktop computers with LED monitors and UPS backup power supply to the Shree Himalaya Primary School in the Dhital VDC. This school is nearby the Computer Centre located at the Shree Bhoomeshwor Higher Secondary School. The Dhital VDC is the first VDC where we have established our cluster of Computer Centres and labs which have been installed in local schools. The Himalaya School takes the total schools we helped in this area to six.

The two computers were installed into a room dedicated as a computer lab along with one additional computer that the school owed prior to our donation. When we returned to Himalaya the following year, we found that the teachers loaded a substantial number of educational videos and software for student use and the room was used on a daily basis. The photo above shows students during a computer science theory class.

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