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Assistance was provided to the school as part of the 2015 Earthquake Assistance Program. A water filtration system was installed as well as temporary classrooms.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Himalaya Higher Secondary School, Saurpani - 4, Gorkha District (GPS: 28.120438, 84.712536).
  • Population : 650 students | grades 1 to 12 + pre-primary | 17 Teachers
  • Projects : Two projects: water filtration system + construction of two classrooms
  • Date : June - July 2015
  • Category : Disaster Aid, Health, Infrastructure,

The Shree Himalaya School was another school that experienced total destruction during the 2015 Earthquake. This was the largest school we assisted during the earthquake recovery program with around 650 students who were being taught in 12 temporary classrooms that had no walls, were constructed of wood frames and tin sheets. They were all built within a tight space of no more than 20 x 60 metres. There was overcrowding in many of the classrooms with one classroom containing 87 students.

Temporary classrooms
We installed temporary classrooms to help with the overcrowding in existing temporary classrooms using steel trusses and tin sheets for roofing. The size of the trusses built, 6 x 9 metres, was the equivalent of two classrooms. Concrete for the foundations and roof installation equipment were supplied, including the funds for the hiring of labour for the laying of concrete foundation and installation of the structure. The classrooms were erected with a commitment by the school to install walls at a later date so the temporary classrooms would become a permanent addition to the school.

Slow sand water filter
We installed a slow sand water filtration system with a 1,000 litre holding tank and 500 litre filtered water tank with all necessary fittings and spare materials for its maintenance. We also provided training and a maintenance manual to the school. The system was configured so it would be able to meet the safe drinking water needs of the students, teachers and nearby households on a daily basis. The system would ensure the health of the school community.

Material in this school, and the other schools assisted in the Gorkha District, were transported with tractors as they were the only vehicles that could travel on what were very difficult and dangerous roads. One trip was required to take the water filtration system and a second trip required to carry the steel trusses, roofing material, bags of concrete, and roof installation equipment.


earthquake report

Appeal Report

For more details, download a PDF copy of the  2015 Nepal Earthquake Appeal Report (3MB)


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