Kalika Computer Lab

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Together with our partners HANDS in Nepal, we helped provide educational resources to the Kalika School.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Kalika Primary School, Dhital, Dhital VDC, Kaski District (GPS: 28.296959, 83.892285).
  • Population : Grade 1 - 5 + pre-primary, 50 students + 6 teachers
  • Date : June 2014
  • Project : Two computers + UPS battery supply
  • Category : Computers,

Together with our partners HANDS in Nepal, we have helped provide an educational resources centre to the Kalika school in the Dhital VDC. HANDS provided a building and library and Logged On provided computers.

The centre was built in the summer of 2014 and furnished with custom built cabinets to hold school materials and five tables to support the computers with the help of HANDS. The Logged On Foundation installed three computers with UPS and battery backup power supply in the centre with technical support from our local team.

We invited HANDS to Astam, the site of our first project, to set up a library in the room next door to our Computer Centre at the Shree Bhumeshwor School. Their efforts were magnificent. We are happy that we were able to work in partnership on this project in the Kalika community. The children and their parents are predominantly from the Dalit community who are traditionally the most marginalised and poorest group in Nepal.



Photos of the welcome ceremony of Logged On and HANDS in Nepal. Computers were installed in the green building several months later by our Nepal team.

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