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Scholarship awarded to 75 students in the Dhital VDC in the 2013/14 scholarship program. The scholarships provide opportunities for students who are struggling to be able to pursue their studies without obstacle.

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  • Location : Janakalyan Primary School (Lower Astam - 28.297123, 83.902459), Bhumeshwor Lower Secondary School (Astam - 28.315250, 83.899408), Bhoomeshwor Secondary School (Dhital - 28.305908, 83.883261), Baraha Higher Secondary School (Bhedabari - 28.315250, 83.899408) | Dhital VDC, Kaski District.
  • Date : 2013/14 scholarship period awarded in Dec 2014 at four schools.
  • Project : Scholarship awarded to 75 students from four villages in the Dhital VDC.
  • Category : Scholarships,

Technology enabled education programs can help improve teaching and learning outcomes and is therefore a big part of what we do. But we understand that multiple approaches are needed to help young people succeed at school and to be able to fully participate in the world.

Our Scholarship Program, now entering its third year, is another way that we are helping to lower the barriers that some children face in accessing a quality education.
Scholarships 2014
More awards were made available this year than any other thanks to our sponsors and because of the decision made by participating schools to allow more children to have access the Program. Congratulations to all 75 students who were awarded scholarships in 2014!

We would like to thank the Principals and teachers from the Bahara, Bhumeshwor, Bhoomeshwor and Janakalyan schools, and Bishow Adhikari, Rudra Adhikari, Sita Adhikari, Sudip Aryal, Ves Raj Bastola, Teknath Gautam and Jhalak Poudel for their support and participation in the Program.

70 general scholarships were awarded to students who were good academic achievers from economically or socially disadvantaged backgrounds and have the potential to achieve even better in their studies with assistance.
Scholarships 2014
For the first time, scholarships were awarded to students who were enrolled at the diploma level. Congratulations to Bikash Paudel and Basanta Gautam who are studying veterinary science in the village of Bhindabari.
Scholarships 2014
We would like to give special recognition to Sabina Dhungana, Sachina Nepali and Bhawana Adhikari who were awarded the prestigious Anne van Riel Scholarship (AvR) Scholarship. The AvR Scholarship is awarded to girls who are facing significant obstacles that are effecting their education, have the determination to study hard and value education, and the award will help them to achieve better educational outcomes.

Overall, 65% of the 75 scholarships were awarded to girls.
Scholarships 2014
As part of the Program, we encourage mentoring and academic support by local teachers and community leaders who understand that the Program is not just a ‘hand-out’, but a ‘hand-up’ to the future.

“Our approach is a holistic one and we are working with communities to come up with ways to help young people succeed at school and beyond,” says Logged On CEO. “It’s not just about passing exams. We also want to inspire children to think about possibilities for their future and to support them so they can realise their dream.”

Finally, we would like to thank Michael Broomfield from the Australian Scholarships Group (WA) for financially supporting the establishment and maintenance of the Program. We would also like to thank James Wray and Finlay Mauchline for their significant contribution to the 2014 fund which enabled us to support more children.
Scholarships 2014

Photos above were taken in December 2014 at four separate school ceremonies that were held to honour scholarship recipients. Present were all school students, their parents and teachers, Sudip Aryal (Chief Guest), Bishow Adhikari (Manager of Community Relations), Amrit Adhikari (past volunteer), James Wray and Finlay Mauchline (volunteers and scholarship supporters), Jason Dickie (volunteer and event photographer), Jake Peters (partners, HANDS in Nepal), and Mark Pinoli (Logged On CEO).

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