Syangja women’s computer centre

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Installed a community computer centre with power supply and provided training to members of the Syangja Women's Cooperative.

Project details

  • Location : Pragati Women Saving and Credit Cooperative, Mayatari, Syangja District (GPS: 28.062942, 83.817794).
  • Project : Installation of a community computer centre + digital literacy training.
  • Date : September 2015
  • Population : 350 members
  • Category : Computers,

In 2015, we had the privilege of continuing our commitment to women’s empowerment by supporting the work of the Pragati Women’s Cooperative. The Cooperative provides support services to women in the Mayatari area of the Syangja District. They also provide training programs, social and financial support, including micro-credit loans to help members start their own businesses or expand existing enterprises.

We installed five NUC desktop computers with LED screens, electric surge equipment and a UPS backup battery supply with the latest Microsoft Office suite at the Cooperative building. We also funded a 15-day comprehensive computer skills and leadership development training program, in partnership with the Nepal Rural Information Technology Development Society (NRIDS) and Pragati Women’s Cooperative.

Also joining the training session were teachers from the Nu Bahakot Secondary School where we installed our first school computer centre in Syangja. Special sessions that focused on the use of computers in a classroom setting were delivered exclusively to the teachers.

The training program for members of the cooperative was designed to give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to effectively use and manage the facility.

The computers and training program helped: the cooperative to manage its micro-financing operations; local business owners and entrepreneurs create promotional materials; members to stay connected to their clients, friends and family in Nepal and around the world; members to use the facility as an e-library and information resource centre and access online government and banking services.


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