Teacher Training in Dhital

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We facilitated a training program as part of our commitment to helping with the professional development of teachers in rural Nepal.

Project details

  • Location : Dhital VDC, Kaski District.
  • Schools : Shree Bhoomeshwor Secondary School (GPS:28.305908, 83.883261), Shree Kalika School (GPS: 28.296730,83.892371) and Shree Himalaya School (GPS: 28.301799, 83.881804).
  • Project : Teacher Professional Development.
  • Date : December 2015
  • Category : Training,

Logged On arranged for two teacher professional development trainers with 20+ years’ teaching experience, Ekkehart and Marion Mundana, to deliver a 10 day training program to teachers at the Bhoomeshwor Secondary School and several nearby primary schools in the Dhital VDC.

The course was developed to expose local teachers to a variety of teaching methods, feedback techniques, organisational strategies and activities that could enhance their classroom practice. It was hoped that teachers would learn and apply new methods within their own classroom settings. The aim of the course was also to expose teachers to student-centered classroom methodologies and to build their confidence in the application of these methods.

The feedback following the course was very positive with teachers reporting that “the strategies were very helpful for teaching”. Most felt that they could and would apply the strategies in the classroom and felt comfortable and confident during the course.

This program is in the early stage of development and is at the experimental, trial and error phase. The course is being further developed to be used in the rural Nepalese setting with the hope it can be delivered more widely in the near future.

Each lesson contained the structure of explicit teaching with a review from previous lessons; strategies and classroom organisation presented as icons in order for teachers to gain the meta-knowledge of explicit instruction; feedback on strategies to elicit whole class and individual feedback; and games and activities to consolidate knowledge modeled in order to give teachers the experience of participating in these activities.



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