Rural children part of an international collaboration


Rural children part of an international collaboration

We know that with the technology available today, geographic limitations shouldn’t have to mean educational limitations. But when we presented Certificates of Recognition in January this year to the students who participated in RMIT University’s e-Tutor program, we really did appreciate the potential information technologies have for connecting rural children to the ‘global village’ with endless educational possibilities.

Congratulations to the Shree Bhumeshwor School students who participated in the e-Tutor program. They were the first rural Nepalese students to be part of this international program and were awarded Certificates of Recognition for their efforts.

e-Tutor is a collaborative project between RMIT University in Australia and schools in Malaysia, India and Nepal. It involved education students from RMIT interacting with school students in an online environment to assist children with their English language skills. At the same time, all participants learned more about other cultures, their own cultures and about teaching and learning in an online environment.

Special thanks goes to the Computer Centre Teacher, Ves Raj Bastola, for his help throughout the e-Tutor Project and Dr Richard Johnson and Nicky Carr from the RMIT University School of Education.

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