Scholarships for 2015

Scholarships for 2015

Our Scholarship Program, now in its fourth year, is another way that we are helping to lower the barriers that some children face in accessing a quality education.

More awards were made available this year than any other thanks to our sponsors and because of the decision made by participating schools to allow more children to have access the Program. Congratulations to all 85 students who were awarded scholarships in 2014!

We would like to thank the Australian Scholarships Group (WA) and the 2015 Pathways Program teachers from Flinders University for their financial support in the Program.

81 general scholarships were awarded to students who were good academic achievers from economically or socially disadvantaged backgrounds and have the potential to achieve even better in their studies with assistance.

Four of the children were awarded the prestigious Anne van Riel Scholarship (AvR) Scholarship. The AvR Scholarship is awarded to girls who are facing significant obstacles that are effecting their education, have the determination to study hard and value education, and the award will help them to achieve better educational outcomes.

Congratulations to those wonderful children and their families and we wish them a most prosperous and happy future. Big impact thanks to Logged On and our sponsors!

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